Darling (Dont Dive Without Me)

Hello. I'm neurotic.

@holyfucked @bleachblood

*logs into tumblr*
*see’s picture of ex-girlfriend*
*logs out*

Anonymous asked: What advice would you give to a band just starting out?

im in a band just starting out ;)

Write, play, rehearse, play, write, repeat.

Anonymous asked: hello :)


Anonymous asked: What's your favourite band you've ever played with?

it was a total trip to play with weezer, rancid, carter usm, the pogues… tons more.

Anonymous asked: Where are you currently living and what did you think of Brighton in your time there?

i currently live in london, although that’s kinda vague as i’m house-hunting at the moment.

i loved brighton, amazing place, but i can’t see myself living there again right now.

Anonymous asked: Are you going to make that playlist of your fav tkb songs? And what's your favourite song you've ever written/co written

i’m actually writing the blog now.  should be up by the weekend.

If i’m honest its the new Bleach Blood stuff that i’m most proud of and i’m quite excited by it all. 

Anonymous asked: nope! if you're not you, then who's going to be you? exactly. YOU can only be YOU! alright, I'm done preaching.

i feel like i’ve missed a page in this conversation… but i totally agree with you - preach on sister or brother.

Anonymous asked: you have no reason not to be confident! SMUH-ILE!

ah, but anon friend, i do. Still though, your right. Smile.

Anonymous asked: How is life?

my nose just exploded into a bloody mess by itself, but apart from that pretty okay thanks.  The excitement its generating is dulling out the insentient self loathing and general nervousness i usually feel… which i guess is the point, right?!